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Ulysses Uncovered is a comprehensive yet easy-to-read guide and commentary to James Joyce's great epic, Ulysses.
It gives a sufficiently detailed summary, one that is packed with incisive comment  and surprising detail. In producing this book I set out to extract the core of the narrative, that is, I set out to highlight the lives of the people who lived in Dublin on that memorable day for Joyce, the 16th June 1904.
As you can see from the cover my name is Patrick Moloney. I am (since long ago!) a graduate from University College Dublin in the biological Sciences and, later from Trinity College, Dublin, in Computer Science. I've always had  an interest in literature. And many years ago I took up the challenge of reading Joyce's tome. What thrilled me no end was to discover that my home village of Shanagolden in Co. Limerick gets a not insignificant mention in Ulysses.
What surprised me especially is this: no commentator has given a reason for its inclusion. However within the pages of Ulysses Uncovered you will get a very plausible and acceptable  explanation.
Ulysses Uncovered is chocker block filled with quirky explanations and comments - all of them accurate and sure. This is understandable. I have lived more than forty years in Dublin. I know the place and its people. 

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